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Emblemicons 1.1.0

12 Sep 2020

We are extremely excited to ship this latest major update to all of our users. With this release, we are adding a large pool of 900+ icons to our last release of Emblemicons. Today, our users have a choice to choose and download an icon for free for personal and commercial use from a wide variety of 1000+ icons. In this release, we are making available icons in outline and filled themes.

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A warm welcome to Emblemicons 1.0.0

30 Aug 2020

Today, we are extremely excited to launch the first version of Emblemicons with our first set of 114 icons available for free use and download. You can use these icons in product development, product design, software development, business presentations, academic projects, to name a few. You are completely free to use and download the icons for your personal and business requirements.

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